Robiis teach coding to everyone!
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41 kits have been donated to high-need schools so far!

Robiis are little creatures that teach coding to everyone.

Coding prepares kids for the future and it gives them 
the power to change the world!

For kids from 6 to 100+

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A learning experience for ages 6 to 100!
Players learn important STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and they learn them in the context of solving problems collaboratively.
Most importantly, they are having too much fun to even know they are learning! 

How do I play Robiis?

Kids use a mobile app to program robots and solve puzzles and challenges! They build game boards with tiles, choose characters, and use accessories and card games to create their own stories and puzzles!

What does Robiis teach?

Robiis is a fun robot game aligned with common core standards. Robiis can be used in the classroom to teach subjects such as Fictional Reading, Phonics, Writing/Speaking and Listening, Math, Geometry, Social Studies, Life Sciences, Computer Programming Fundamentals and 21st Century Skills. 

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Download a pdf with many of our puzzles!

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We want to get Robiis in classrooms everywhere to teach kids to code