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How do I play Robiis?

To play Robiis you'll need an Android or iOS device with bluetooth, the free Robiis application, some tiles, and a Robii! The Robiis Starter Kits contain all you need to get started (other than the mobile device).

See the Starter Kits here


1) First, you turn on your Robii and you connect it through the application.

2) Then you build a puzzle with the tiles. You can use the example puzzles from the Robiis website.

3) Once you've completed a few of the sample puzzles, you can start building your own puzzles!

4) After the first puzzle is made, place your Robii on the Start Tile.

5) Then tell your Robii how to solve the puzzle by programming a sequence of moves in the phone app.

6) It is ok to make mistakes! If your Robii goes the wrong way, just put it back on the start, change your program and try again!

And now you are playing with Robiis!


Once you've played a few intro puzzles, you can start playing the advanced multi-player games. For a few examples check the "Educators" and "How do I play?" sections on the Robiis website. You will find lots of free resources you can download and start using now!  


Here is a short video, explaining how to get started:

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