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(Her)story: A Journey from Idea to Product

Tonight, Wednesday, May 25th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, we will do a focused talk on the process of finding that elusive product-market fit at Hing Hay Coworks.

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Hing Hay Coworks is a productive gathering and workspace for freelancers, boutique firms, and startups that value meaningful partnership, creative exploration, and bringing ideas to market. They are a growing community of digital entrepreneurs leveraging partnerships with the Asia Pacific Rim community to launch and grow ventures. You can find out more information about Hing Hay here, including information about well planned community events, membership plans and a lot more. We are honored to be part of Hing Hay's network.


A little more about the presentation:

Adriana Moscatelli, founder and CEO of Robiis, will share her experience from idea conception to shippable product. Get insights on real problems facing her team as they develop a robotics game aimed at getting girls, and boys, excited about STEM.

Some of the questions she will answer are:

  • What inspired you to create Robiis?
  • What was your “back of the napkin” idea and how is it different from its current form?
  • What assumptions did you have about your market and how did they fare as you tested the product?
  • How did you go about figuring out if you have product/market fit?
  • What were some big challenges and how did you go about addressing them?
  • How do you target and segment your market?
  • How did the customer validation process impact the design of the product?






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